Why company culture is like an ice cream sundae

Beth Clutterbuck, VP Global Head of People at Deliveroo, uses a tasty metaphor to explore the different components of company culture and why they matter. Taking an ice cream sundae as your strategy, company behavior as the ice cream, and employee experience as the... read more

Four management strategies from ancient Babylon

When addressing the issues that concern modern CEOs, one of the last places he or she might look to for inspiration is Babylon. However, the management issues that concerned the Babylonian leader King Hammurabi (1810 b.c.) are surprisingly relatable to the modern day... read more

A refresher on how to attract talent

Employees want fair pay, proper training and the resources they need to do their job well, according to a study of what factors attract elite talent, writes Chick-fil-A executive Mark Miller. Also important is a clear understanding between employer and employee of the... read more

10 pieces of advice for engaging an employee in tough times

If you want to show an employee who appears to be troubled or stressed out that you care without appearing intrusive, a simple acknowledgment and offer to listen is often a welcome gesture, say members of the Young Entrepreneur Council. “While you may have... read more

Crisis management isn’t a race

Ignore the desire for a quick fix to company problems, especially when you’re an incoming leader under pressure to reverse the slide, writes Larry Robertson. Slow down to ascertain the underlying causes of the crisis and how to resolve it with everyone’s... read more

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