How to Train and Keep Millennials

Mentoring, development and appreciation can go a long way toward retaining millennials, writes Lee Caraher. If you do those things, Caraher argues, you won’t have to worry about good employees leaving or mediocre and poor performers staying too long. Continue... read more

Help your people develop themselves

Just-in-time leadership is about responsiveness combined with collaboration to help your team members develop, writes Susan Fowler. You want to help these individuals be proactive rather than wait for you to step in. Continue... read more

Finding the purpose of leadership

To find the purpose of leadership, ask yourself what or who is changed and who is being served, notes S. Chris Edmonds in this blog post and video. “Effective leaders hold themselves and others accountable to high standards for results and values, validate... read more

Success Requires Continuous Learning on the Job

Continuous learning is a requirement now, and it cannot be done solely in a classroom, write Amy Edmondson and Bror Saxberg. The task for leaders is “upgrading your employees’ skills and mastering the collaboration, empathy, and meaning making that will... read more

Tips for fueling talent and leadership development

Excellent leaders focus on finding and developing talented people and cultivating a culture of teaching and learning, says ProSieben Media CEO Thomas Ebeling. “Balancing coaching (guiding with questions and insight) and mentoring (directing with expertise and... read more

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