10 pieces of advice for engaging an employee in tough times

If you want to show an employee who appears to be troubled or stressed out that you care without appearing intrusive, a simple acknowledgment and offer to listen is often a welcome gesture, say members of the Young Entrepreneur Council. “While you may have... read more

Crisis management isn’t a race

Ignore the desire for a quick fix to company problems, especially when you’re an incoming leader under pressure to reverse the slide, writes Larry Robertson. Slow down to ascertain the underlying causes of the crisis and how to resolve it with everyone’s... read more

CEO: Talk to staff even when the news isn’t good

A CEO should address staff confidently even when the going gets tough, says Dan Knotts, CEO of R.R. Donnelley. “People want to be in the know, so they need to be able to connect with you and the organization and understand what’s going on,” he says.... read more

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