Is Your Credit Union’s Strategy Due for an Adjustment?

If you’ve ever required the services of a chiropractor, you understand the importance of proper alignment. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how fit you may be, when your back or neck is out, it impacts every move you make. Your spine may have all the right... read more

Bridging The Generation Gap

One of the most frustrating things about workplace communication is bridging the gap between generations. Skip Prichard, CEO of OCLC writes, “Many people who write me express frustration about dealing with a different generation. Often the emails I receive are full of... read more

Why These 4 Work Styles Matter To Your Organization

Understanding employee work styles is critical to the success of any business. Stephanie Vozza at Fast Company posits there are four work styles that most American workers fall under: Pioneers, Guardians, Drivers, Integrators. Knowing what motivates these workers and... read more

Elevate Purpose to Improve Performance

Are you or your team distracted by poor goals? Mike Henry, Operations and IT Consultant says, “I realized comfort is a default goal. A pursuit of comfort squeezes out all but our most elevated goals.” Finding personal, elevated goals reenergizes the workplace and... read more

Why company culture is like an ice cream sundae

Beth Clutterbuck, VP Global Head of People at Deliveroo, uses a tasty metaphor to explore the different components of company culture and why they matter. Taking an ice cream sundae as your strategy, company behavior as the ice cream, and employee experience as the... read more

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