Strengths-Based Leadership Development

The Strengths-Based approach provides leaders with greater abilities to identify, position and develop existing talent within themselves and their team by focusing on outcomes to drive results and move their organizations forward. The goal of our Strengths-Based Performance coaching is to help individuals leverage their unique talents as the foundation for organizational improvement.

This is important because research shows that when individuals are given the opportunity to utilize their natural talents and skills every day at work, performance improves and employee engagement levels are likely to increase within the organization. As organizational employee engagement levels rise productivity, profit, retention, and other key metrics will likely follow.

Our Strengths-Based coaching is designed to focus on individual development and interpersonal effectiveness to achieve high-performance leadership through building authentic connections while following organizational-driven goals and desired performance outcomes. Strengths-Based Leadership coaching is the most effective method to provide enduring results for executives who want to increase interpersonal effectiveness to positively influence productivity and the impact of their leadership brand.

O’Rourke & Associates will provide the strengths assessment, feedback and activity structure to ensure you are able to successfully implement and sustain the methods needed to increase individual and team effectiveness. Our Gallup Certified Leadership Coaches can guide your credit union’s teams through these transformative processes. Instruction will be tailored to accommodate organization requirements and needs and be focused on coaching you to integrate your strengths into your own leadership style to increase impact and deliver high-performance outcomes from your team.

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