CEO Success Stories

Success stories

The inside experience of O’Rourke placements

Living by Your Word at Verve

Kevin Ralofsky , CEO
Verve, a Credit Union

A Sense of Where You Are

Mike Gudely, CEO
Southeastern Federal Credit Union

Happy Passion

Scott Willmott, CEO
Shoreline Credit Union

Holding the Door Open

Shruti Miyashiro, President/CEO
Orange County’s Credit Union

The Role of Mentors

Thor Dolan, CEO
Illinois Community Credit Union

Service, Simplicity, Technology, & Focus

Tiffany Ford, CEO
Univ. of Michigan Credit Union

Develop A Culture Of Employee Engagement

Daniel Weickenand, CEO
Orion FCU

Taking A Shot At Winning

Allan M. Prindle, CEO
Power Financial Credit Union

Lives Change. Live Well.

Carla Altepeter, CEO
Numerica Credit Union

Common Ground And Shared Growth

David Snodgrass, CEO
Lake Trust Credit Union

Aware and Involved Leading By Example

Joe Kregul, CEO
HealthCare Associates Credit Union

Taking Action In A Crisis

Steve Renock, CEO
Kern Schools FCU

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