Succession Planning for a Health Culture

Succession planning is much more than just a leadership transition strategy—it is a chance to engage and advance a workforce that is committed to your credit union’s values and vision. It’s not about the jobs people are ready for today; it is about preparing your... read more

When Proposing Change, Try Reducing the Threat Level First

Good managers work hard at pushing fear out of the workplace. Yet, even in the healthiest of organizations, fear’s close cousin, anxiety, worms its way into our consciousness and governs how we process and react to the idea of change and each other. Skilled change... read more

10 Succession Planning Best Practices

Succession planning can seem easy when discussing it as a big-picture concept at dinner or over drinks. However, there’s much more to executing a thoughtful, methodical strategy than scribbled notes on scrap paper. If not done well, some companies end up scrambling... read more

How to choose a guide who’ll help your organization refocus

Finding a great business coach is imperative to being a good leader. There are different types of coaches and systems out there, each with different styles. You need a guide who understands and can work with where you are on your starting line. Transforming your... read more

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