As a seasoned search executive with over 20 years of financial recruiting experience, we are often faced with the question of what makes us different and why we should select you?  Every search firm will tout industry knowledge, ability to network and leverage relationships and manage an effective process.  These are basic principles of any successful recruiting organization.  The differentiators for who will best serve the needs of your board and executive team revolve around the ability to understand alignment with strategic initiatives, corporate culture and community relations.  Additionally, protecting your organization’s brand must be a top priority. I know firsthand the challenge of building and maintaining a recognizable brand that speaks to integrity, quality service, and effective relationships.  How a search firm acts on your behalf in the marketplace is a direct reflection of your organization and its leadership.  We go to great lengths on our end to not only effectively tell a client’s story and inherent value proposition, but work to ensure culture and core values remain intact externally through what can be an extended search project.  While the great effort and care that takes place behind the scenes engaging an often broad and deep candidate pool is not always visible to our clients, we find these efforts protect and preserve their reputation.  What happens when you mistreat, fail to communicate or acknowledge a local candidate that might not be the right fit for a leadership opportunity?  People do tend to talk about their negative experiences and the last thing we’d want to have happen is for a member of your board or leadership team to be embarrassed by the treatment of an industry peer or community center of influence.  Organizational core values need to carefully align with the trusted search partner charged with identifying your organization’s leadership. Take the time to understand if they walk the talk and engage in a manner that is consistent with the brand and corporate culture you’ve worked very hard to create.

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