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Executive Recruiting — the value of an experienced professional partner

Why partner with a specialist?

As credit union management has become more complex, recruiting top talent has become much more difficult. Recruiting time is longer, and candidates are becoming more demanding, with higher compensation requirements. Credit unions relying solely on internal resources for recruiting are often ill-prepared to navigate the changing landscape.

Often the most talented executives are not actively seeking a new position. So they are unlikely to respond to traditional advertisements about position availability. Even with the use of LinkedIn and other social media, the response from prime targets may be tepid.

Partnership with an experienced executive recruiting firm can provide key advantages.

  • Giving potential candidates, particularly those not actively seeking, the opportunity to explore the position confidentially.
  • Proactively exploiting vast established national, regional, and local networks, extending recruitment far beyond position postings and LinkedIn.
  • Adding the ability to recruit directly from competitors.
  • Offering an informed, objective perspective on candidate abilities, organizational fit, peer compensation, and more.

The recruiting landscape continues to provide new challenges—not only for identifying, but also for hiring the right candidate. Compensation challenges, multiple offers and counter-offers are on the rise and require a high level of specialized communication and relationship management throughout the recruiting process.

A partner who represents your organization with the highest professional and ethical standards can dramatically improve the ability to build a high-performing team. A trusted professional partner means a significant improvement in the pool of candidates for consideration.

It’s a small investment that will pay big dividends from your most valuable assets.

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