We often hear about the importance of incorporating some form of exercise into our busy lives in order to maintain our physical health. Most of us make the excuse that it is too difficult to live a healthy lifestyle, because it’s simply not convenient. As with many things in life, one simply needs to make the effort and set aside the time. Some professionals suggest that a 30-minute workout a day can help improve one’s health. This is the same approach that many successful people take in their professional life. In his article, Michael Simmons states, “just as we have minimum recommended dosages of vitamins and steps per day and of aerobic exercise for leading a healthy life physically, we should be more rigorous about how we as an information society think about the minimum doses of deliberate learning for leading a healthy life economically.”

According to Michael Simmons, some of the most influential and successful people in business attribute their success to continuous learning. In this article, Simmons provides some insight on how Oprah, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet make time for continuous learning activities throughout their day. Read more…

–Johanna Smith

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