Once upon a time, I thought, “Wow, I would be a great matchmaker! I do this recruiting thing really well.” I was between jobs at the time and thought it couldn’t be that hard. To make a long story short, I had a friend who had a friend who owned a nationally known matchmaking franchise. When I heard they were looking to put someone new on, I sent in my resume. I interviewed and received an offer.

I was very excited about this new twist in my career. I did okay. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself very much. However, there is a big difference between the articles I read and what actually happens in reality. The process of matchmaking relies on personal chemistry, several predictable variables and even more unknown factors. It works, but it takes more than a quick questionnaire.

The process of recruiting is so much more defined from the beginning to the end than the matchmaking business. As a professional recruiting expert who has been in the biz for many years, I can honestly say we go to great lengths to make sure every aspect of the approach is covered. We examine every angle of the employing company and the prospective employee. We put a lot of TLC into each and every person on both sides of the fence. To be successful, it has to work for each side. Expectations run extremely high. We want the fit and the chemistry to be right. Matchmaking expectations? Yeah, they are through the roof. Recruiting needs more. We provide it.

Mary Leonardi

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