It’s that time of year again, March Madness is here! I can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of watching these teams compete, week after week. Behind one team, who is almost always competing for a National Championship, is one the most successful basketball coaches of all-time. Duke University and their Coach Mike Krzyzewski, aka Coach K. This man is responsible for keeping it all together year in and year out. Imposing his will and helping these young men to develop a championship synergy. In major college basketball, coaches race to find talented players each year to join their teams. Each player has an integral role on the team, that has a direct effect on the teams’ success.

Much like college basketball, organizations are in a race to hire top talent. College basketball teams have to find ways to make themselves stand out from the crowd to attract top talent. What should hiring managers and HR consider when hiring for their company? Companies should focus on identifying various skills sets, rather than looking for a specific candidate type every time. Identifying diverse candidates with specialized skills sets and being able to merge them together, is a true recipe for success.

Recruiting for a college basketball team or hiring for an industry specific organization has become more challenging due to the candidate driven market. Organizations have had to shift the way they attract talent to fit today’s competitive market. The same can be said for the Credit Union industry where more and more candidates have choices. In his article 13 Ways to Attract a More Diverse Candidate Base, Sean Gerber provides some tips on how to write a job ad that won’t “pigeonhole your job listing and attract only a very specific type of candidate.” Gerber also discusses how organizations improve hiring by “finding people who believe in our mission and vision and want to help shape it.”

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