When it comes to professional advancement, a ladder may be the most familiar analogy, but a rock climbing comparison may be more applicable. While rudimentary moves and maneuvers may get you off the ground, planning and precision are essential at higher levels. Sometimes the most effective changes come from making subtle adjustments to conventional methods.

Whether you’re an executive seeking further advancement in 2018 or an upper-level manager looking to make the leap to the C-Suite, there’s a high likelihood your resume could use a polish.

Communicate a clear message.

The executive-level job search is an opportunity for you to craft your personal brand, and a solid resume can be one of your most effective marketing tools. After researching your target position to determine the company’s pain points, utilize your resume to communicate how you can address those specific needs. Rather than listing an old-school career objective that describes your ideal position, opt for an executive summary that focuses on the impact you’ve made and results you’ve achieved in your previous experience. With this approach, you’ll establish a track record of accomplishment, an attractive value proposition for an executive candidate. 

Mechanics matter.

The proper format can be the difference between your resume getting a passing glance or landing you an initial interview. Since many high-level hiring managers skim through countless applicants, the top third of your resume is your chance to make a first impression. Hit this section hard with your executive summary, value proposition, and key accomplishments. As you compose this information, remember that an increasing number of recruiting professionals view information on mobile devices, so pointed bursts of information are easier to scan than long narratives. Crafting concise statements with strong, active verbs is a powerful way to convey your core competencies in a focused, professional manner.

Making the jump to an executive position requires a candidate to shift their focus from individual performance to inspiring leadership. The process of landing a C-level role calls for a fresh approach as well. Your experience, expertise, and passion will speak for themselves once you’re face-to-face with a company’s decision makers. Starting your job search with strategic resume updates can help you earn that opportunity.

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