DEI Consulting

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

Organizations that truly understand the value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work know that effective DEI programs can move organizations from valuing different people to being valuable to different people.  

Humanidei helps credit unions design and implement large-scale DEI integration plans. 

The Humanidei Approach

Working alongside key executives at your credit union, Humanidei develops a comprehensive Strategic Diversity Plan from which to advance DEI. Each plan incorporates the unique business objectives of your credit union, regardless of where you are on your DEI journey. 

Phase 1: Discovery & Goal-Setting

Understand the current state of your organization and how a DEI strategy will further advance your objectives. A discovery is conducted through secondary (demographic) and primary (voice of the employee, key stakeholder, policy review, and system assessments) research. A follow-up goal-setting workshop compares these findings to your organization’s current DEI efforts from which a 12-month goal approach is created that will inform the Strategic Diversity Plan.

Phase 2: Journey Mapping and Accountability Planning

Using findings from Phase 1, Humanidei provides a Journey Map (or tactical action plan) that includes recommendations for next steps toward creating a more inclusive organization.

  • Recruiting and hiring practices
  • Employee development 
  • Inclusive leadership training 
  • Diversity advisory councils and/or employee resource groups 
  • Mentorship/sponsorships 
  • Revised policies, benefits, practices 
  • Community engagement/volunteerism 
  • And more 

Phase 3: Implementation and Execution

Strategic Diversity Plans are most effective when integrated fully into your existing business model and are designed to be run and managed by your organization—not outsourced to a consultant. Humanidei provides monthly retained consulting services to support your team in creating an internally sustained approach to DEI.

Phase 4: Evaluate and Iterate

The most authentically inclusive credit unions are those that continue to monitor key stakeholder needs, measure progress, revise approaches, and continue to act. Humanidei’s services include support in developing, monitoring, and progressing toward key metrics.

For a proposal that meets your specific needs, please contact Humanidei President/CEO Jill Nowacki at 203.213.7829 or 

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