In a world of 9-5 jobs, a great way to make your company stand out is by offering flexible work hours. In years gone by, the “bankers hours” were an advantage, giving employees nights off and a regular alarm clock setting. The younger work force, though – the ones you want to hire right now – can see these hours as restrictive, forcing them to take days off to schedule regular doctor’s visits and their children’s school programs.

Susan Dominus wrote a great article about how giving your employees flexibility in the workforce will create a healthier employee who feels trusted and valued. She discusses how working from home, flexible working hours and a culture not built on company guilt can not only prevent your employees from burning out but will make them want to stay longer.

I see the appeal this would bring to the table for hiring executives in all industries especially with a perk driven recruiting environment. Being a bit more flexible with work/life balance may shift talent retention in your favor and create a healthier company culture.

Daniel Giddings

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